.Olm to .Pst Freeware or Professionally Built Paid Tools?

olm to pst freeware

.Olm to .Pst Freeware converts Mac Outlook data files (Olm) to Windows Outlook data files (Pst). They are required because Windows Outlook doesn’t recognize Olm files from Mac Outlook. If you want to move your content from Mac to Windows Outlook, or you received an Olm file via email, the only option is to convert it to Pst.

Now the question is what tool to use?

There are no official solutions from Microsoft side, so you have to rely on other parties to provide software and support. This is not always bad as it can flood the market with multiple solutions from third parties. Sometimes there can be even better tool than what the original developer could have brought.

olm to pst converter free for mac

However, sadly, this is not the case with Olm to Pst conversion. Most of the tools that are available at this stage are download olm to pst converter free1) Windows based, 2) Difficult to use for basic users, and 3) not at all effective in converting the data thoroughly. In spite of that, the total downloads of paid or free .Olm to Pst converters for Mac are on all time high because there are apparently no other solutions.

olm to pst converter free downloadTherefore, the question, “Whether to go with .Olm to .Pst Freeware or paid tools?” is not even relevant because both choices will lead to dissatisfying conversion results. Obviously paid tools will offer something more but given the current state, they too will leave something out in their functionality and end up with damaged data.

To leave you disappointed is not the objective of this article. And it isn’t written with the intention of ruling out every software or solution that exists.

It is written with an intention of stating out the truth and give answers to what the community is asking in the end, which is – Is there any good, professional Olm to Pst Converter free for Mac, or should we look for expensive solutions?

Before we proceed with giving you the solution that is surprisingly good and even offers a breakthrough technique to load your data, let’s talk about the pitfalls of using Olm to Pst Freeware.

Pitfalls of .Olm to .Pst Freeware

Before you download Olm to Pst Converter free versions, you should know what you are going to get. Though, they are not economically risky by the sheer virtue of their free nature, it’s not fair to say that there are no risks involved at all.

Developing for task like this requires work. There are nuisances and challenges to take care of to provide something useful. Both data files – Olm and Pst – are very different, and any system that extracts the data from them needs sophisticated algorithms.

Anyone offering you any free tools for converting Olm to Pst means that you are not getting the right deal. First of all they would be incredibly hard to find. Even if you did find them, they would be incredibly inefficient.

  • They will be full of ads.
  • Some tools can be very risky depending on who is offering them. Be wary of unknown sources as they can be harmful to your system. This can be intentional and even unintentional by developers.
  • Data Theft is also likely to happen in these cases because the freeware can easily be hacked due to their lack of security. This shouldn’t be ignored because the data that is involved with email migration is important.
  • Olm to Pst freeware are very slow and can take countless hours to convert your files.
  • Less efforts towards interface. As a result, they can be hard to use, especially by beginners.
  • They do not offer complete conversion of data. They miss certain items, such as attachments, images, non-English text, headers, etc. This can have dire consequences because you may not notice these losses right away.
    For instance – few months after conversion, you will notice that in many of the emails, the images are not present. At this point, there are chances you would also have deleted the original Olm file.

There are many more problems that can come with Olm to Pst Converter free download. It is recommended that you avoid them at all costs.

If you have only few folders to migrate, you may not want to spend your money just to get them moved. In that case, you can employ the manual email migration method, which doesn’t require any third party installment. It is not easy and can also result in incomplete migration, but the risks are less as compared to some unreliable, free Olm to Pst Converter for Mac.

However, if your database is more than a few folders, you are better off without manual migration or any freeware.

And now we move on from the discussion of what doesn’t work to what works.

Qualified Tool to Convert Mac Outlook Data to Pst

olm to pst converter pro serialIt has been well established that downloading free Olm to Pst Converters for Mac will not turn out to be a good decision.

There are many professionally built, paid solutions for converting Olm to Pst files, but the best of them is “Olm to Pst Converter Ultimate” by Gladwev Software. The reason for that are many folds.

It’s the only tool that works in Mac and loads your Mac identity folder directly. There is no need for Olm files. You just choose ‘Express’ mode and the tool will auto-load the emails, contacts, calendar, and all other items from the identity folder directly and convert them to Pst files from there. Forget about data archiving to Olm file first.

Mac Outlook database auto-detection is just one of the many reasons for choosing Gladwev’s Ultimate tool over others. Let’s take a look at them –

  1. Easy Interface Interface is one of the most important part of any commercial software. If it can do a lot of things, but does not have a proper interface for interacting with it, it’s useless. That’s what most of the free Olm to Pst converters are (even some of the paid ones). Ultimate by Gladwev includes a graphical interface that is very easy to use.
  2. Speed and Performance Ultimate can convert the files quickly. It has been tested to convert 1 Gb of file within 10 minutes. The impressive fact about this software is that it can deal with large databases easily without affecting the rate of conversions, its stability, and the accuracy of output files.
  3. Accuracy of output files As said above, Olm to Pst conversion’s biggest concern is the lack of accuracy of Pst files, where the tool isn’t competent enough to convert the files while preserving the integrity of your data. “Olm to Pst Converter Ultimate” finally takes care of this. You will not notice any information missing from the converted Pst files.
  4. Multiple Features Ultimate offers multiple features that add flexibility. Such as, splitting large Pst files, merging multiple contacts and calendar entries to their respective ‘default’ folders, ignoring empty folders, converting selective folders, etc. These options help users convert their data as it fits their needs.
  5. Multi-language text conversion support It is able to convert text in any language. Usually free Olm to Pst converters for Mac do not support text encoded in anything other than English. However, today, internet has allowed us to communicate with any place around the world, which results in emails in non-English language. So if you are the similar kind of user, you can use Ultimate with no worries in regards to the conversion of your multilingual email content.

Download .Olm to .Pst Converter Ultimate Free Trial

Gladwev Software is known for offering free trial versions without taking away access to any feature of the full edition. It’s the perfect way to see how the tools work and concur with the personal data and environment of individual user.

Same goes for Ultimate tool. The free trial (download link given below) will let you convert 10 items from each folder while keeping access to all the features that make it a remarkable tool.


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