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free olm to pst converter software

Free Olm to Pst Converter software are abound on the web. You can even get free tools that claim to convert your data properly. Basically, these tools take the data from Olm files that you will manually load and then extract the data to new Pst files, compatible with Windows Outlook or even Mac Outlook.

The programming used in these free Olm to Pst Converter Software (or even paid) works in a way that leads to some sort of information loss. Also –

  • They are hard to use. The interface designs are encumbered by the overwhelming number of manual actions that a user needs to take. It gets tedious.
  • The information loss is heavy, and the fact that you might not realize it immediately makes it worse. They can lose the graphical data inside emails, nested messages, headers, etc. in some of the emails, making it harder to detect.
  • No support for multilingual database. They can break the text in non-English languages, making them unreadable in Pst files. The most common complain is that these non-English text gets converted to weird shapes and characters, which means they are damaged.
  • Taking immeasurable number of hours, productivity takes a hit.

olm to pst outlook 2013

There are countless other problems as well with these free Olm to Pst Converter Software, or even paid tools buy nowthat rely upon old conversion techniques. Problems such as no proper support, loss of folder hierarchy, not being able to deal with damaged Olm files, etc.

Therefore, it’s a frightful situation, especially if you are a busy person and cares about your productivity. The unexpected and sudden requirement for the switchover truly makes its presence felt. In a bad way.

Enter ‘Ultimate’, a powerful tool, and let it handle the heavy job, while you focus on your life, your work, and not some technical fight.

It works differently, putting an end to the issues above. It’s full name is “Olm to Pst Converter Ultimate”, offered by Gladwev Software, which has established themselves firmly in email migration industry for reliable and positively critiqued software solutions.

Olm to Pst Converter Software That Deals With Migration Without Olm files

today, the most common form of converters deal with the Olm files. It goes like this –

  • You archive or export data to an Olm file/s from Mac Outlook.
  • Download an Olm to Pst Converter Software, free or paid, from an unreliable source.
  • Load the Olm file from the first step to the software.
  • Wait a long time for the software to finish conversion.
  • Once done, import Pst files to Windows Outlook
  • Pray everything works, and issues like “Outlook didn’t import large Pst files” magically do not apply to your situation.
  • Pray some more
  • If didn’t work, look for another tool that makes you feel confident by their marketing buzz words
  • Be disappointed after the realization that the buzz words were actually just that…buzz words.

Thankfully, ‘Ultimate‘ ends this never ending spiral.

The way it works is like this –

  • Download the tool, which is provided by a reliable source (Gladwev Software)olm to pst converter software
  • Let it load your database automatically (see below)
  • Get converted Pst files immediately
  • Import them to Windows Outlook
  • Rejoice that the tool has all the techniques to sidestep all the issues (like “Outlook didn’t import large Pst files”), and eventually offers seamless experienced without any hiccups.

So, how does loading the database automatically works?

It’s simple in action and very intuitive for the users to apply (the back-end programming to allow this is sophisticated). You simply choose the “Express” mode and the tool detects the identity folder of your Mac Outlook, and loads everything straight from the source. So in just one click it replaces the dreaded job of archiving data to Olm files.

What are the Benefits of this Unique Free OLM to PST converter software

As said above, it is is intuitive to load the database directly. But what more does it offer, and what exactly the use of this direct approach really is.

Here are the benefits –

  • It offers ease of loading emails, contacts, and calendar data in just one click. If you are aware of the old process that most converters use, this approach will feel deeply satisfying.
  • Automating of the process to a considerable extent, resulting in user-friendly interface. Most converters (free or paid) are notorious with their over-loaded interface, which gives an appearance of their “high functionality”. In reality, they are just being inefficient tools that require a lot of manual interventions. With Ultimate, you don’t have to do anything, except the things that you WANT to. You can make adjustments to some of the settings, ignore some folders that you don’t want to convert, and so on. Overall, it delivers a flawless and effortless experience of data migration, which otherwise is known as a source of frustration.
  • Higher Precision in data integrity of the output files – Loss, damage, and unwanted modification of output Pst files has always been the number one fear of most users trying to convert their data. The process usually ends with damaged Pst files, where various pieces of information is missing. Such as images, attachments, headers, meta-data, nested emails, S/MIME defined content, and much more. Because of the Ultimate feature of targeting the source, it gets simple for the tool to eliminate any chance of information loss. It is fully capable of detecting the smallest byte of data and convert it for Pst format without making a mess out of it.
  • No longer have to wait for the amount of time that feels like ages. Ultimate works with a lightning fast speed, in all aspects – from the installation, to loading data, to applying features, and to the actual conversion mechanism. Everything runs with blazingly fast, so that you, at the end of the day, don’t lose your productivity. Even large databases can be converted in a short amount of time. This speed is even more impressive when you consider the above fact about its accuracy.

Gladwev Software built the tool from the scratch, built the new foundation of the entire data conversion dynamics, and thus were able to give a truly effective solution. That’s why there are no compromises or trade-offs with any of the positive quality mentioned above.

If the speed is fast, you won’t notice the quality going down. The tools runs fast, while also converting data extensively, and remains stable and smooth throughout.

More Features That make it a complete package

  1. When you load the database, you will have two choices for choosing it – directly and automatically load the Mac Outlook database from olm to pst converter softwarethe identity folder. OR manually load Olm files in a traditional style. The second option is not recommended, but can be necessary when the data you want to convert is only in standalone Olm files, and not in any identity folder
  2. Non-English text. As pointed out earlier, losing non-English text is one of common misfortune of email migration. But “Ultimate” is built to even go around this issue and not let you worry about it. It successfully converts text in non-English text.
  3. Folder Hierarchy – Everyone arranges their emails in separate folders. Losing them can be bad. With this software, you get the relief that the complete structure of your folders will remain same after conversion.
  4. Full Conversion report – At the end, you can see the full conversion report, that details the item converted, path, and other information.

Olm to Pst Converter Free  Software Download

Give it a go. There are many different licenses suiting different needs. Choose the one that fits your needs.

There is also a free to download copy that’s for trial purposes. Gladwev decided to launch a completely free version that has all the features present with the paid ones. This is how you can see personally how it works without any biases. The only thing that’s limited in the trial mode is that it limits the number of conversion to 10 items from each folder.

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