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Outlook Export to Pst, where Pst is a file that’s called ‘Personal Storage Table’ format and is used by Windows variant of Outlook. It stores all the emails, contacts, and calendar entries and many other forms of data. It can be used for reasons like backup, restoration, transformation, migration, and conversion.

Olm is the same type of file format used in Mac Outlook. But for users switching to Windows Outlook from Mac’s variant, these two file formats don’t help because Olm file is not supported in Windows Outlook. This brings us to the conversion of Olm to Pst.

Using a third party software, one can easily convert the Mac Olm files to Windows Pst files. It’s a very common method for moving emails. However, in truth, it’s common because up until now it’s the only solution that existed.

The other forms of migration is manual and is applied only when few folders have to be moved, not the entire database. Thus, Olm to Pst conversion using third party tools has become the norm, and in spite of the inaccuracies and drawbacks of the method, it is still being consistently used for Mac to Windows Outlook migration.

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Gladwev’s Software built “Olm to Pst Converter Ultimate” over a sophisticated foundation which gives it the ability to auto-detect the Outlook identity folder. In essence, this has gotten rid of Olm files, and the painful path of data archiving. And that’s where the differences between this and the other tools start appearing.

The first is intuitiveness Letting the tool auto-detect the database folder is ideally intuitive. It becomes very easy to just click and see your emails and other data automatically appear in the preview section. It’s deeply satisfying, specially for less-experienced users who are low on time and skills.

Instant It turns the entire act of email migration, from the start to finish, into a very quick and speedy process. Which is like saying a lot because usually Olm file extractors run with a snail-like speed.

Feature rich Gladwev bettered it with entirely new and unique list of features. The tool gets even more intuitive with the added control and flexibility. For instance, you can just click the box to merge contacts and calendar entries to their respective default folders. Or select the folders you want to convert, split large Pst files, and much more.

These are just one of the few of the honorable qualities out of many. Let’s talk some more of them in details.

Some of the Features of This Olm File Exporter is Exceptional!

olm file exporterGladwev Software built the tool from the grounds up to give a solution that’s just not a copy of all other inefficient tools. There are countless features that can be called the best when it comes to email migration, and that forms a user-friendly approach. These features lead to flexibility, intuitiveness, and control over the elements of the migration.

Limit the size of Pst files If you have a large database, you run the risk of having large output Pst files. Now, why is that a risk? Because Windows Outlook often doesn’t import large Pst files. If it does, there can be issues with data integrity. With ‘Ultimate’, you get the option to limit the size of Pst files. The tool achieves this by splitting them into smaller files up to the allowed limit.

Preview Folders and convert them selectively Do not want to convert the entire database? No problem. When you load your files or database folder, you get to see all the folders inside, and make a selection                          for what you want to convert. Mark the boxes next to the folder you want. You can also ignore all empty folders and exclude them from one by one click.

Includes Calendar Entries and Contacts There is also thorough conversion of all of your contacts and calendar entries to Pst files. No need to have them converted separately. You can even merge multiple contacts and calendar entries into their respective default folder.

Olm File Converter to Outlook Export to PST – That Preserves Data Integrity Surprisingly Well

olm file converterWe have talked a little about how ‘Ultimate’ upsets the entire industry standards when it comes accurate data migration with no integrity loss. Let’s talk about it in more details.

Any kind of conversion, translation, or transition has a challenge to protect the fidelity of whatever is being converted. For example, a language translator has a duty to keep the message as original as possible when translating any written material from one language to other.

The same challenge is with most Olm file exporters. When the data conversion occurs from one file or database to other, there are information, properties, meta-data, that can be lost. Furthermore, it can be possible that you may not realize it right away, which makes it even more significant discussion to have.

For instance, suppose you used an Olm file exporter to convert your Olm files to Pst. You find your Pst files to be fine with no substantial loss. However, the reality can be different. It may be possible that the tool failed to convert the images properly and you didn’t even check the emails that contain graphical data, so you don’t know. You may realize this later on, when it will be late.

This is so quiet often the case with embedded images or any graphical objects, email attachments, email headers (to, from, subject, cc, bcc), nested messages, etc. These items or information snippets can get tricky for a tool to preserve during migration. Sometimes they are not completely lost, but are modified in ways you don’t want. For example, a converter distorts the images dimension, or leaves the email address with only initials, and some other similar form of data corruption.

In short, this is known as loss of integrity. Your data isn’t the same as it used to be in Mac Outlook. It’s different. Much of the information has been lost or damaged. Though everything appears to be the same.

Thankfully, “Olm to Pst converter Ultimate” fights with these issues gallantly. It has an intelligent logic for dealing with data and its conversion, which picks up on the smallest byte and keep it safe and preserved. You won’t notice any form of data integrity loss at all. Furthermore, there are custom written logic for some of the most sensitive form of data, such as S/MIME defined content, images, non-English text (see below), headers, etc.

All of that leads to nothing but your satisfaction. The pain of finding out that the tool didn’t convert attachment, images, or something other thing – is unbearable.

Olm File Exporter for Non-English Emails

Olm to Pst Converter Ultimate” is built to deal with non-English emails as well.

Many tools fail to convert emails other than those which are in English. This is because of how the non-English characters are encoded within an email, and how they are stored in both Olm and Pst files. The scanning and extraction of characters encoded differently becomes tough, and gets even tougher to restore them for a new format (Pst). And then there are double-byte characters which include languages like Japanese and Korean.

Users find these text either completely missing or broken. The system sometimes just turn non-English characters into some other unreadable silly characters.

Ultimate‘ brings the much needed relief in this arena. It produces Unicode output Pst files, before reading and converting each text (regardless of language) accurately. It can support UTF-8, ASCII, and all other commonly used standards, including double-byte characters.


Export Mac Outlook to Pst File As a Trial!

You can give it a try with the links given below. Do not miss it. If you came here to find out about the most effective approach to data migration, this is it. Download it not!

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